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A Girl Cries Inconsolably And Her Beloved Kitten Goes Out Of Her Way To Comfort Her

Think again if you’re one of those people who thinks cats are uninterested and uncaring. There is a movie that has gone viral that shows how cute it is that cats can care about their owners and go above and above to soothe, love, and support them!

All of this started when a young Japanese girl tripped over one of the chair in the house. While it often occurs with young toddlers, the girl started to sob uncontrollably as her mother recorded the incident on camera. Soon after, Hima arrived.

Hima, a stunning blue Russian, walked over to the young woman and started cuddling her. The kitten attentively observed the little girl’s sobbing, drew nearer to her, and even made an attempt to pet her with her tiny paws.

The girl uses Hima’s love for comfort after she is assured that she is receiving all the attention she requires. The video was posted on social media by the owner of Hima, and it received hundreds of comments in addition to more than 4 million views on Imgur.

Many users said that their own cats behave similarly to Hima at times of fragility and despair, comparing Hima’s love and loyalty to their own.

Certain people have even used Hima’s sweetness to highlight the affection that many cats, especially females, may have for their owners. In some situations, these cats may also have a highly developed maternal instinct.

This adorable blue Russian woman already has thousands of followers on her Instagram account. There, we can witness the tricks played by this gorgeous cat, who, like many other felines, has gained notoriety in online groups.

We can also see that Hima has always been fond of the young girl. Both of them may be seen in several images together professing their heartfelt love.

This Russian Blue belongs to a cat breed that has recently gained a lot of popularity, particularly in Asia. These creatures are known for being noble, devoted, and loving, as well as having a fairly even temperament.

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