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Withstood Strong Blows From A Heartless Man To Save The Life Of His Little One

Our moms raised us and cared for us with great affection; mother’s love is unparalleled and this is also true for animals, whose mothers love their young in many of the same ways that human mothers do.

After a considerable amount of time was spent watching this small kitten, it became clear from her behavior that she required assistance. Her eyes expressed her suffering, and it was clear that she had been injured.

It was difficult for the rescuers to capture this cat because she was crafty and terrified, so she would not allow it. However, after pursuing her for a week, they were ultimately successful.

The cat’s damaged jaw prevented her from eating or drinking properly, so as soon as the rescue group got hold of her, they acted to save her life since they knew that she needed it.

In March 2016, rescuers brought Sweetie to Save Cats & Obliterate OverPopulation, Inc. (SCOOP, Inc.). Cincinnati, Ohio-based SCOOP Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare.

The SCOOP, Inc. veterinarians found that this kitten’s jaw was protruding from the pallet. The CEO of SCOOP, Inc., Barb Wehmann, gave the veterinarian quick instructions to reconstruct the cat’s jaw; they gave her the name Sweetie.

They were able to identify the kitten’s injuries via additional investigation of her condition, and they suspect that someone hit and kicked tiny Sweetie in the face.

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