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This Rescued Cat On A Rubbish Conveyor Belt About To Be Crushed Becomes A Celebrity And Is Appointed Deputy Minister

This is one of those tales that simultaneously surprises us and makes us feel relieved that there was no sad conclusion. It also makes us wonder how far human evil is capable of going.

A cat was discovered inside a suitcase by staff at the Gorkomhoz public service center in Ulyanovsk, Russia, on December 21, a few days before Christmas.

Before reaching the shredder, the workers were working along a conveyor belt, sorting and inspecting the trash when they stumbled upon the treasure.


A man saw a wrapped package with something fluffy inside in a flash. He grabbed the bag and quickly made a small slit to peek inside; to everyone’s astonishment, a lovely cat peeked his head out.


The cat was saved by Mikhail Tukash, who incredulously showed his friends the bag containing the animal. His comrades quickly halted the conveyor belt to comprehend what had occurred.

Tukash said in a newspaper interview for the Moskovski Komsomolets (MK) that he grabbed the bag to feel inside for any metal items and felt “something soft within.”


He stated:

“I made a little incision and noticed several eyeballs staring at me!”

Tukash was taken aback, so he made a deeper cut and removed the cat, which, in his words, “was not meowing or moving.”

It was determined that the cat was a domestic cat and not a stray because of his appearance, which indicated that he was properly fed and cared for. It appears that the pet’s owners intended to get rid of it, and their choice could not have been more heinous or heartless.


These statistics bring to light the truth of the abuse that thousands of animals experience every day, they demonstrate the lack of compassion and morals in certain individuals, and they serve as yet another example of how cruel we humans can be.

Fortunately, a decent guy who happened to cross this kitten’s path was able to spare him from a terrible end. He was taken to the vet after the incident, who concluded that he was in good health; he was then fed and placed in a safe place.


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