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Almost Identical Kittens Never Leave Each Other After Being Rescued Together

At the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Arlington, Virginia, a litter of kittens just arrived. The Kitten College program’s volunteers concentrated on getting them through, but two almost identical kittens needed particular care. The two kittens were welcomed into the house of Lauren Strycula, a volunteer at the shelter.

They gathered together for warmth since they were so little. They experienced various health issues, particularly Jace, the youngest, who required some time to learn how to drink from a bottle and needed Jackie, his sister, at his side to help him.

Both kittens advanced in development thanks to attention and medicine. They put on weight and developed personalities.    


The kittens have advanced considerably in a short period of time; they have mastered using the sandbox, playing and starting to explore, and even learning to eat from a dish.

Jace turned into a mischievous child, while Jackie on her alone was a little calmer than her brother, but they constantly sought each other out for affection. They couldn’t be separated.


Lauren made the decision to locate them a permanent home after she realized they were self-sufficient and in good health. An adoptive couple fell in love with the kittens the moment they saw pictures of them on the Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s Instagram.


After arriving at the rescue facility, Alexandra and Bryan realized they would be the ideal parents for the kittens.

“I’ll never forget the kittens’ contagious happiness, their unwavering faith in everyone they’ve encountered, their hilarious, contagious personalities, and their tender affection for one another. While my role in the twins’ tale may be coming to an end, it actually starts now.”


The little kittens settled in nicely and started exploring their surroundings right away.

Alex relates:

“We introduced them to the rest of the home gradually but certainly. They were bouncing off the walls and bursting with excitement within hours of being home.


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