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Shelter Worker Adopts Kitten That Wouldn’t Stop Meowing At Him

A litter of kittens needed care and a warm place to live when they arrived at the Exploits Valley SPCA shelter in the month of July; one of the young ones had a respiratory problem and required particular attention. The young child was really kind to the locals while he was healing, especially to one of them to whom he never stopped meowing.

The cat, who was given the name Sugar, charmed the volunteers and employees at the shelter with his gentle disposition. He particularly impressed Glenn, who has worked at the site as a volunteer for 30 years; they both enjoyed their time together.

From the start, he was quite outspoken and nice.


The cat would meow loudly to get Glen’s attention and strokes whenever he came close to where Sugar was. Glenn has had romantic relationships with several cats over the course of his volunteer career, but he has always been able to help them find homes.


Though he had no intentions of adopting a cat, Glen fell in love with the small kitten and the thought of doing so started to take root when he noticed that the kitten was only content when he was around. Glen’s relationship with Sugar, however, was different.

Sara reveals:

Glen was being yelled at by Sugar to stop his job and pay attention to her.


Glen would give the tiny cat a permanent home without any reluctance since he was certain of it and didn’t think anybody else would want to take him from his side.

Said Sarah

Glen already has a cat, so he wasn’t wanting to adopt, but he was too attached to Sugar to allow for adoption.

Both Sugar and the Glen Family are delighted to have each other as an official member. The kitten enjoys racing around and meowing around in his new home, which he loves very much.

Every time Glen looks at him, he is confident that he chose wisely for the two of them.

She continues:

Glen has even brought Sugar to see us because of the miracles he is working on at his place.


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