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Sweet Kitten Hugs His Foster Mom And Stays Put After Being Found Alone

In order to give the cat a better life, she and her kittens were transported to the Nashville Cat Rescue shelter in Tennessee, the United States, and then placed in a foster home. The five kittens were doing well, and shortly two rescued children arrived at the house in need of care. The cat took them in and grew fond of them, becoming a loving adoptive mother.

She didn’t think twice to take in the young arrivals and care for them as if they were her own because the cat called Mia, who was around two years old, and her puppies were doing well. Mia was able to raise her enormous litter with the assistance of her foster family.


Mia started to feel lonely after the kids left the house and kept to herself for the majority of the day. The workers at the animal shelter could not bear to watch the cat miserable and abandoned, so they came up with a solution to make her feel better.


The volunteers knew precisely what to do when a little, abandoned cat named Speck showed up at the shelter at that very moment. The affectionate ginger kitten had captivating eyes and would become ill if left alone.

Little Speck didn’t stop sobbing on the way to the foster home where Mia was waiting for him.


The kitty left Mia’s side since he was so content with his adoptive mother, and the presence of her new baby greatly lifted her mood. Instant chemistry developed between them, and their union felt predestined.

“As soon as he greeted Mama Mia and emerged from the carrier, he began purring. They fell in love right away, and Mia has been happy ever since. We were unable to split up such a lovely couple.”


Little Speck is cared for by Mia, a very kind and loving mother, and the kitten couldn’t be more at ease being spoiled by his adoptive mother; both have serene and adoring dispositions.

Addition by Nashville Cat Rescue

“Mom can be quiet and keep an eye out until she is sure she is safe. Everyone is loved by Speck, but he really enjoys being carried around. Together they make a perfect little pair.”


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