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A Sweet Shy Kitten Finds Confidence In Another Cat After Being Rescued From A Difficult Life On The Streets

Two little cats were spotted wandering on the edges of a neighborhood in Montreal, Canada; when the little tabby returned to the household that had fed him, only the little cat was still there. With the help of goodies, the timid cat was lured off the streets.

The family called Stefany, a volunteer from the Chatons Orphelins refuge in Montréal. He was in really horrible health and was extremely shy, so she took care of him and moved him to Montreal.

Alvin is his name. He had worms in his gut, fleas on his body, and ear mites.


Alvin was quite anxious when the doctor examined him, and when he got to his foster home, the kitten hid to feel comfortable. Because the little child required some time and bravery to adjust to all these changes, he still didn’t feel secure in his new home.


Alvin’s new family made an effort to make him feel at ease by giving him lengthy, pleasant cuddle sessions, putting him in a towel, and briefly carrying him in their arms. He was also placed with other kittens, and one of the cats made the decision to take care of him at that point.

Celine explains:

He was really bashful, but he would begin purring if we gave him a donkey-style hug. Of his litter, he was the only one that had been born overseas. He only desired to feel safe and at ease.


Several weeks after the timid kitten Pippa arrived, a second kitten was discovered outside a house. After hearing the cat’s cries, the property owner decided to provide the cat food in an effort to win her trust. Three days later, she was able to bring the cat into her house.

The kitten had a severe upper respiratory infection, appeared ill, and was ravenous.


He called the shelter as quickly as he could and asked for assistance. Pippa received veterinarian care after she arrived. She started receiving care for her eyes and other ailments, and soon after, as a result of the attention she was given, the cat was up on her feet and starting to display her personality.


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