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A Cat With No Ears Discovers A Loving Home And A Greatest Buddy

Potato, a cute cat with missing ears, lived a difficult existence on the streets until being saved two years ago by Treasure Life, Be Kind To Animals Association, a small animal sanctuary in China. He had a serious ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals when rescuers discovered him. He was treated by vets to remove the adenoma, but doctors advised removing the canals and ears to stop the condition from returning.

Potato has made an excellent recovery after his operation, and he has a loving family and a fun-loving sibling.

Every day is a new adventure for this cat without ears, and he has chosen to share it with his new family.


His adoptive parents set up a profile for him on Instagram, where they chronicle the travels of this fascinating cat. In a recent post on his beginnings, they stated:

Nobody knows when Potato was born or how old he is since he was a stray cat.


Due to the cat’s lengthy time spent on the streets and the difficulty in determining a precise age, his family has decided to mark the day of his adoption, April 25, 2019, as his birthday. So that Potato can have cake and balloons to celebrate his happy day.


Potato is very happy playing and sharing his life with his brother Horlick


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