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A Man Spends A Year Getting To Know A Stray Cat In Order To Earn His Confidence

A man named Lex, who at first didn’t think of himself as a cat lover, spent a little over a year trying to win the confidence of a stray cat. He was undoubtedly very patient, and he gradually came closer to the elusive cat he named “Cinnabon.”

Although at first he did not pay much attention to him, he eventually decided to give him some tuna in his yard after seeing that the small cat was rather emaciated when he spotted him about his house.


Despite Lex’s gesture, the cat resisted approaching him since it appeared to be terrified of people, but Cinnabon continued to visit your patio in search of food, so Lex continued to leave the cat food and water on your patio to make sure he had something to eat.


Lex stated to The Dodo:

“He would only consume food and drink from a little bowl outside my home. She fled whenever she caught sight of me on the other side of the glass.


It was a really nice surprise to learn that Cinnabon entered the tiny house full of blankets to rest when Lex decided to build a modest house for the homeless cat in his yard to serve as a sanctuary on chilly evenings as his interest in the animal grew over time.

Lex narrated:

“I distinctly recall seeing him at his house as I peered through the glass. He was observing me. He merely bowed his head and went to sleep. I perceived him sleeping in the house as a turning point. similar to being a member of a family.


Despite their flirting, Cinnabon was not ready to approach Lex; it would take some time for the stray cat to warm up to him.


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