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A Rescued Kitten And Pig Meet At A Sanctuary, Comfort Each Other And Become Best Friends

In the animal realm, friendship does not distinguish between species. This is the story of Marina, a lovely cat, and Laura, a pig, who met each other after being rescued and brought to the Interspecies Equality Sanctuary in Santiago de Chile.

They connected immediately upon meeting, and today they are inseparable friends.

After being abandoned by her mother, Marina was a sickly, frail kitten with pus-filled eyes when she arrived at the refuge. She was found by someone who took her to the shelter; fortunately, she is young. They claimed that if she hadn’t been cared for, she would not have lived.


For Laura, her beginnings were not simple either; her mother was a member of a pig farm, and the tiny pig faced a horrific death. However, a group of animal rights activists saved Laura from the meat business.


The young pig was so terrified when they arrived at the refuge that she wouldn’t stop shuddering.


Within a few days of one another’s rescue, Marina contacted Laura when she spotted her inconsolable.


He found the solace he needed from the cat, and they remained inseparable after that.


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