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Grandma Reunites With Her Cat Who Had Been Missing For Four Years

A few years ago, an earthquake in Italy claimed the home and pet of an old woman residing there. The elderly woman was unable to locate her pet throughout the awful disaster’s mayhem until lately. After 4 years of searching, Dora, who never gave up, is reunited with her missing cat.

Dora’s buddy Mimma Bei posted the following on social media:

Who knows where he had been for so long, but our lovely Dora has never stopped searching for him.


In the middle of the earthquake’s mayhem, Dora lost her pet. She was devastated since she thought she would never see him again.

This woman has loved her pet for years and considers it a member of her family.


Dora couldn’t believe her cat had come home after four years. The little child and his companion hugged one other repeatedly as they reveled in their reunion.

The cat appeared to be in good health; nobody knows where he has been for the past four years, but he appears to have fed well throughout that period.


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