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Kitten With Crooked Legs And Bear Ears Loves To Hug The Family That Cares For Him

Early in April, a little kitten with bear ears and wonky front legs arrived to Friends for Life Rescue Network in Los Angeles, California, hoping to find the ideal family.

His legs twisted because of tight ligaments and tendons in both of his front wrists during birth.

Volunteers at the shelter Mel Lamprey and her husband Zane concentrated on assisting the adorable cat they named “Quill,” who loves cuddles and flocked to her foster parents’ arms right away.


To fix his legs, Quill began physical treatment many times every day.

Says Jacqueline

“She has a heating pad on her wrists. Then, in an effort to realign the developing bones, the tendons and ligaments are stretched and massaged to relax them.


Quill, who is incredibly courageous in the face of these difficulties and doesn’t appear to believe she is any different, will be receiving weekly splints to help her range of motion.


Chester, an older cat owned by Mel and Zane, was raised by them from his harrowing beginnings. Chester approached the young girl right away and, like a good big brother, keeps her clean and well-groomed while constantly being aware of her needs.

Added Mel

He approached her and sat down next to her as though they were old friends.


Zane’s neck is without a doubt the small ball of fur’s favorite spot since there is where it spends the most of his time. He occasionally likes to play and explore like a cat too.


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