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Cat Hopes Someone Will Take Him Home As He Waves at Visitors At The Shelter

Mayhem, a lovely 2-year-old ginger tabby who was searching for a home for the second time, was discovered at Lollypop Farm, an animal welfare group in Fairport, New York.

“Early in June, after being abandoned by his owner, Mayhem made his way to Lollypop Farm for the first time. He was adopted, but tragically he had to return to the shelter since his new house wasn’t the perfect match.”

The energetic ginger youngster is constantly looking for something to play with. This boisterous cat personifies a highly active body and has a huge, feisty attitude.

Staff has stocked Mayhem’s suite with a variety of toys and entertaining pursuits while he waits for his ideal residence to become available. Lollypop Farm said, “He has an entire enormous cat colony to himself, complete with cat toys, cardboard boxes, towers to climb, etc.

This astute and persuasive tabby persistently beckons to his humans. Every time he requests their attention, staff members lack the heart to refuse. Nothing makes Mayhem happier than interacting with people and playing in between naps.

“He requires a lot of stimuli to remain active because he is quite energetic. We know that there is a cat lover out there seeking for a feisty cat just like him, even if he may not be the ideal sort of cat for everyone “Love Meow was informed by Lollypop Farm.

Watch Mayhem the cat in this cute video:

Mayhem may express affection by playing with his human buddies. To show him that he is loved, staff workers converse and play with him alternately. The ginger lad gives the greatest cat amusement in return for the favor.

Lollypop Farm said, “Mayhem loves to play with cat toys, especially the ones that are on a wand with a string.

The kitten is never afraid to ask for things. He only needs a friend to play with. “He may thrive in a house with pets. During his stay here, he has also displayed playful curiosity in other cats “says Lollypop Farm.

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