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Man Found Homeless Kitten Clinging To Truck And Knew He Had To Help

When this compassionate man noticed a scared kitten hanging to a truck tire close to his workplace, he knew he couldn’t leave the animal there. The kitten was apparently abandoned there by her mother when she went to get her.

The mother cat was supposed to return, and the guy waited for her, but she never did. He scoured the area in search of other kittens but was unsuccessful. According to Love Meow, the small abandoned cat was the only kitten present.

According to JustAnotherGoodGuy from Reddit:

I was unable to locate any more.


He texted his wife a picture of the animal as soon as he saw it and asked her if she could bring him home. Who could say no to beautiful tiny face, she retorted.


They took her to the veterinarian as soon as they got home.

He stated:

“They found that there was a cat there. She received all essential vaccinations. When we discovered her, she was just 4 or 5 weeks old.


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