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Cat Befriends A Kitten He Found In The Garden And Decides To Take Him Home

In the Netherlands, a woman by the name of Klarieke and her family reside in a sizable rural home where they regularly enjoy the company of their dogs. While still residing in Greece a year ago, they made the decision to adopt three adult cats, Jack, Louis, and Stavros, who have since traveled with them everywhere.

At first, the family believed that having three cats was plenty, but when a little kitten began frequenting their garden, everything changed.

“Stavros was severely ill and lived on the streets. A Dutch girl who visits Zakynthos every summer came to his aid. We made the decision to adopt him since he was searching for a home in Holland. I said to my husband, “This is the final cat.”

Instagram/ la_riek

The kitten would frequently hang out in the house’s garden; he was quite timid and clearly underweight, but it also appeared like he was lost. The woman had never seen the child hanging about before, so she was unsure if he had a home.

Instagram/ la_riek

The fact that the kitten returned with her cat Stavros, like if they were old friends, startled Klarieke the most. Everything seemed to point to the orange cat’s taking the little kitten under her wing and keeping an eye on him while he played in the garden.

Instagram/ la_riek

In order to go to the shed and see his companion, the kitty would often enter the garden and hide among the tomato plants. Even though the kitten was timid, he liked his new companion, and the two played, cuddled, slept, and even took a sleep together there.

Soon after the kitten appeared to feel secure around Stavros, his family realized what a remarkable connection had developed.

Instagram/ la_riek

The woman was surprised one day around dinnertime to discover the stray kitten consuming food off her best friend’s plate. Stavros didn’t appear to object, and in fact, he let his companion to eat to sate his hunger, and she was content to do so.

Due to his personal experience, the orange cat appeared to grasp what it’s like to endure hunger when living on the streets.

Instagram/ la_riek

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