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Kitten Was Lonely Until A Cat Accepted Him And Made Him Part Of Her Family

In order to give them a second chance at life, a mother cat and her young were found on the streets and brought to the Best Friends Felines shelter in Brisbane, Australia. When they first arrived in the care of the rescue facility, the mother cat was still extremely frightened of people, but he gradually managed to come out of his shell.

The loving mother of the kittens progressively allowed her caregivers to get close to her and her young; she was given snacks and small symbols of affection and allowed her charming nature to shine through.

“When Eleni (the cat) first came into our care, she was quite fearful of humans, but it only took her a few days, and today she purrs like a hurricane.”

Facebook/ Best Friends Felines

A lonely kitten entered the rescue facility at about the same time. Flavian, a 4-week-old kitten, desperately needed maternal attention and affection.

According to the foster mother,

“They delivered him to a veterinary clinic after discovering him on his own. When he was sent to the veterinarians, he was quite frail. To determine whether any caretakers might assist him, a call was placed. For Eleni to have a mother and siblings, we reasoned that we need first see if she would accept it.

Facebook/ Best Friends Felines

When the cat and kitten were first met, the cat approached the kitten cautiously and gave it a few licks before accepting it as her own.

Nikki continued:

“Eleni embraced Flavian right away and began training him as soon as they met.”

Facebook/ Best Friends Felines

Sweet Flavian rapidly assimilated into Eleni’s household; he delighted in spending time with his new mother and his four adoptive siblings; he liked hugs; and he always yearned to be held by the kind cat who seemed to understand precisely what the baby needed. and was never far from him.

Facebook/ Best Friends Felines

The volunteer at the shelter added:

“Eleni made up for missed time with lots of showers and embraces,” says the author. “When Flavian initially came, she cherished her more than her own babies.”

Facebook/ Best Friends Felines

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