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Rescued Kitten Befriends The Family Cat And Demands Constant Hugs

Three lovely rescue kittens sought a better quality of life in a foster home. The cats had a long way to go because they were unhealthy and very underweight despite being cared for by their foster home.

Splash and Spritz, the two tabby kittens, were rather feisty and sociable with their handlers despite their appearance of being excessively little and underweight at roughly 4 weeks old, weighing around 12–13 ounces apiece.

I suppose they were on their own for a time before going to IndyHumane (in Indianapolis, Indiana) since they were quite underweight and filthy when I acquired them.


Squirt was the moniker given to the young redhead. The cute cat was initially more reserved than his sisters, but with some food and affection, he quickly began to open up. In contrast, Spritz is the most lively of the three siblings despite having a scruffy appearance and a cranky expression.


The adorable cat soon became enamored with his indoor existence and followed his foster mother in quest of attention and company.

Jenna states:

Squirt first viewed me with the most skepticism. Even though he snarled when I entered the room, he is now completely fixated on me. He always wants to sit on my lap and purrs when his face and head wrinkle.


The three kittens have put on weight and their health is improving as a result of the care provided by their adoptive mother. Now that they have more energy, they love running and playing constantly around their house.

Jennifer likes spoiling the kids with toys and accessories so they may make the most of their increased energy.


Bear, Jennifer’s resident cat, was the ideal big brother for the small cats and was excited to meet the three new family members. He has been tremendously beneficial to the boys’ healing process.

As she recalls:

“There was no conversation during the initial encounter. Bear piqued the interest of both females, but Squirt wasn’t so sure. He first acted similarly toward me, but he gradually warmed up.

The kittens were prepared to share with their new brother after a few weeks in the foster home. Bear was thrilled and delightedly filled the position of big brother to these three curious felines.

When he’s not with his best pal, Little Squirt likes to play with his beloved teddy bear and hang out with Bear while watching cat TV out the window.


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