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Senior Dog Takes Homeless Kitten Into His Care And Turns Her Into A Beautiful Cat

Pax, a 13-year-old Labrador retriever, and his family had no intention of adding a new kitten to their group, but life appeared to have other plans. One day, a little cat managed to attract her attention and gain entry to her home, where she discovered the safe haven she had always dreamed for.

It seems that Morgan, Pax’s mother, heard the kitten meowing behind her property.

We brought one of our cats to the wailing cat and let her sniff the kitten.


Morgan made the decision to bring the little cat they called Polly home and place her in a cozy bed since she was distressed, lonely, and pleading for assistance. There, they started giving her bottle feedings all day long, and the cat appeared to be quite appreciative of them.


Morgan continued:

“I had fleas all over me, and I was blind. Pax has always adored her.”


Pax got the chance to meet Polly after a satisfying shower, and the two of them soon developed a really unique friendship.


Without hesitation, the cat curled up next to Pax so they could both relax and enjoy lengthy naps.

When it was time to eat, Pax kept an eye on her movements and waited for Polly to finish before cleaning her up and joining her.


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