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After His Life Changes, The Cat Befriends Every Kitten He Encounters

Bubblegum was a sweet cat who was suffering from a number of health issues when he was taken into the care of Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles. The small rescued kitten battled to survive in his new home while his siblings raced around and played.

The cute kitten was given constant supplemental care from his caregiver; he was fed every two hours, and by the time he was two months old, he was fully recovered and prepared to live with his siblings.

When we acquired it at 10 days, it weighed barely 71 grams. At first, when we weighed it, it kept tumbling since it was so little and delicate.

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Little Bubblegum behind his littermates by two months. The adorable cat still had a ways to go after all of his siblings went to live out their lives in their forever homes.

They eventually identified the cause of his medical issues after multiple trips to the veterinarian. The kitten had a liver shunt, a congenital abnormality, but he finally made a full recovery with the help of medication and the appropriate food.

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The personnel at the rescue center stated:

“The principal inspector and location scout is Bubblegum. He always participates in the activity and finds everything intriguing. Every package that enters the home is played on by him. He is eager for us to get rid of everything that is in his boxes so that he may play, sleep, and hang out in his room.”

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When the volunteers at the rescue center noticed how amiable and kind Bubblegum was to everyone, they introduced him to other foster kittens.

Atticus the kitten arrived at the same time; he was still quite young and needed extra attention. Every time Bubblegum heard his little squeaks, she became incredibly delighted and wished she could play with the new cat in person.

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Atticus and the other kitten they took in when he was a month old quickly grew to be the best of friends.

The participants reported:

“From the time they first met, they were inseparable. When they are awake, they play and quarrel while cuddling at night.

Instagram/ alleycatrescue

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