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Cat Visits A Neighbor Who Was Kind To Her And Took Care Of Her, So Her Kittens Could Have A Better Chance At Life

A family in Ontario, Canada, discovered a cat in their garden. After giving the cat some food, she began to visit the home frequently. She would act ridiculous in front of the screen door to get the attention of her new friends and receive goodies.

Then they discovered that despite the bad weather, the lovely cat was out for a walk with her family who lived across the street. Every time the cat visited her house, the caring neighbor went out of her way to look after her, keeping her body warm and her stomach full.

Instagram/ tinybutmightykittenrescue

Her neighbors decided to move her to a location where she would be secure after learning that she was once again pregnant. They also called Mellissa, the founder of Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue. The kitten, called Hazel, was given foster care and appeared content with the food and a cozy place to sleep.

“She was eager to eat and meet me both at the same time. She nibbled on a few pieces before returning to me for a pet and more food.”

Instagram/ tinybutmightykittenrescue

Hazel gave birth to six healthy kittens in a nest a few weeks after moving into the foster home. She immediately started taking care of her small ones, feeding them while purring and seeming content and at ease.

Melissa explains:

“Hazel is one of the loveliest cats I have ever encountered, and she makes the finest mom!” She is always watching over her infants and must keep an eye on them after every tiny worried squeak.

Instagram/ tinybutmightykittenrescue

The kittens moved and made noises to attract Mellissa’s attention when she entered the room 11 days after their birth. The most inquisitive of all the kittens was the tabby named Maci. She wanted to run right away, learned how to purr very early on, and had a lot to say.

Melissa reaffirmed:

He is unquestionably the first infant to start displaying personality.

Instagram/ tinybutmightykittenrescue

The kittens were delighted to be transferred to a bigger room once they were old enough; soon after, they began exploring every nook and playing everywhere.

The foster parent stated:

They are the most courageous kittens I have ever taken care of. They have no fear and are eager to discover everything.

Instagram/ tinybutmightykittenrescue

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