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Rescued Kitten Insists On Staying Close To The Person Who Saved Her Life

Four kittens from a litter were brought to the Las Vegas, Nevada (United States) municipal shelter, where they required immediate treatment. They had Pawly, a kitten, who was the least strong. The cats were taken care of and housed in foster care by Rescued Treasures Cat Cafe.

Thanks to the foster family’s care, the other 3 kittens started to flourish, but the small gray kitten didn’t appear to get any better. Volunteer Patricia Lika, who specializes in providing emergency care for kittens, made the decision to intervene.

“Her foster mother reached out so the kitten could receive more extensive one-on-one care because she understood she had to decide what was best for Pawly.”

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Even though Pawly was just half a pound at six weeks old and had many challenges, she was still fighting and grateful for the care she was getting. To keep track on the cat day and night, Patricia set up a sweet place in her bedroom.

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As Patricia recalls:

Pawly was weak and dangerously underweight. He had an upper respiratory illness and extremely low blood levels. Antibiotics and the 24-hour critical care regimen are used as a starting point. She scared me that she was too late since she was so frail and helpless.

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Little Pawly started to flourish and her attitude improved after a few days of treatment. They could see her rushing about the room with joy, bouncing and exuding excitement.

Volunteer reports:

She was quite nice, always purring, and adored being hugged. Because of this, she was given the name Pawly.

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Pawly frequently follows Patricia about the home since she is so appreciative to her foster mother, and every morning when Patricia wakes up, Pawly smiles and waves. She rolls up under the pillows at night and snoozes close to her.

Patricia declares

As soon as he felt better and had more energy, he started playing and came out of his shell.

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