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This Girl Who Lost An Arm Due To Illness Adopts A Kitten That Is Missing One Of Its Limbs

Cute little girl named Scarlette lost one of her limbs to cancer when she was just 10 months old. When the child was around 2 years old, her parents, Simone and Matt Tipton, decided to give her a cat. They wanted the kitten to be similar to the kid in order to inspire her to understand that her differences would not impede her from being a happy person.

At that time, a kitten from a shelter in Trabuco Canyon, California, lost its front limb, and the family learnt about it. They wanted to adopt him into their family at that very moment because they knew he was the one.

In an interview with TODAY, Simone stated:

“They think he was inside a car’s steering wheel when it started, and he didn’t manage to get out in time. They informed her that she wouldn’t survive and that euthanasia was already planned, but a member of her staff implored her to try to rescue her.

Facebook/ Smiles For Scarlette

Scarlette’s left arm was unusually big at birth. The family learned that their daughter had a severe form of cancer after undergoing testing, surgeries, and chemotherapy treatments, and doctors advised amputating the little girl’s arm.

Facebook/ Smiles For Scarlette

The mother of the young girl added:

“Since no other doctors were competent to do such significant surgery, we had to go to Minnesota to the Mayo Clinic. When doctors amputated his arm, shoulder, scapula, clavicle, and all of the surrounding skin and tissue, he was 10 months old.

Facebook/ Smiles For Scarlette

The family phoned the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus to adopt the cat after seeing a story on the local news about a three-month-old kitten whose leg had recently been severed due to a horrific tragedy.

The girl’s mother recalls phoning the shelter right away and originally being informed that she wasn’t yet ready for adoption because of her recent injuries.

Facebook/ Smiles For Scarlette

The family fought valiantly to keep the cat. The staff agreed to make an exception after learning about Scarlette’s tale so the kitty may return to his new family.

Facebook/ Smiles For Scarlette

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