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When Little Kitten Needed Her The Most, He Found His Forever Mom

Ellen Carozza, a Nova Cat Clinic registered veterinary technician and foster volunteer from Arlington, Virginia, had her life flipped upside down. Unfortunately, she had received some extremely sad news: Benny, her 7-year-old kitty and best friend and confidant, had died.

The kitten died as a result of feline aortic thromboembolism. Ellen was sad since Benny was so essential in her life. Benny was also a stellar assistant who was in charge of spreading a lot of affection with the orphaned kittens she brought home.

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He was an excellent foster dad to all of the kittens he looked after, always seeking for methods to cheer up those in need.

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“That day, my spirit perished alongside him. Going home after work every day felt like I had an elephant on my chest since my dearest buddy was no longer there.”

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That was a difficult period to overcome, but Ellen continued to aid kittens in need from various animal rescue organizations, remaining committed to her lovely job. She forgot about what had occurred while she was occupied with the kittens, but it was impossible for her not to think of Benny, who was her entire world, at some time.

Ellen stated:

“Benny has been with me through countless kittens, and I was hoping to see him again.” But he had no idea when it will happen ».

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Ellen received a call from The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation a month after Benny died. The call notified about a litter of young orphaned kittens in desperate need of assistance and a foster home to care for them.

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