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Rescued Kittens Thrill Their Keepers When They Find A Family

Two rescued kitties immediately struck up a lovely bond with one another. They are Cinnamon and Cardamon, and both were brought in by Oakland Animal Services after being rescued from the streets. Cardamon was taken in first, then Cinnamon, an orange kitten with a significant head tilt, came a few days later. Having a companion will aid you in your recovery.

Oakland Animal Services

The rescuers did not think twice to introduce them since they thought Cardamom would make the ideal partner.

Fortunately, the two kittens got along well right away. Despite the fact that they had never met before, they immediately started cuddling and hugging like they were littermates.

Oakland Animal Services

The orange kitten’s position disturbed his guardians, so they started doing treatments and massages right away to help his neck.

With a lot of patience and due to the daily exercises, his condition became better every day. He was able to walk without falling, and as his neck straightened out over time, the tilt of his head became less noticeable.

Oakland Animal Services

His devoted buddy Cardamom followed him throughout this procedure. When his carers decided to place him in a foster home so they could complete his treatment, they turned to Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco. The shelter’s founder, Amber Rose, stated:

“The recovery is amazing. Cinnamon and other cats only need time.

Oakland Animal Services

Thankfully, they were able to find a foster home where the kittens were able to freely express the affection that had overtaken them.

Snuggling with their humans had become their new favorite activity, so they approached their new foster parents with gentle purrs and laid down in their arms.

Oakland Animal Services

The kittens will immediately go out and lie on their foster parent’s lap when he reclines on the sofa. His mother-in-law noted:

“Whether you are laying down or sitting, they will come up onto your lap and take a seat next to you so they can be with you. Always purring, they. Every morning I discover them on my chest purring.

Oakland Animal Services

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