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The Kitten Waits For Hours For Her Man To Help Her Stretch A Little

Daisy is a sweet kitty who, although she may be a bit reserved with people outside of her family, is a very spoilt and affectionate furball when it comes to them. Particularly with her father, with whom she has developed a cute ritual that, after being uploaded online, has charmed internet users.

Sydney Honeycutt

This cat enjoys being held while being helped to stretch more than she enjoys cuddling on her father’s lap. Daisy eagerly anticipates his arrival home each day so they may engage in the sweetest stretching exercise imaginable.

Callen, Daisy’s father, wanted to try it once as the cat elevated her front legs after the pair read some posts on TikTok about stretching the kittens.

Sydney Honeycutt

Sweet Daisy, on the other hand, adored her dad’s assistance, and it has now developed into a nice habit. Sydney Honeycutt, Daisy’s mother, offered the following insight:

Since Daisy was a little child, we had seen that once you lifted her up, she would constantly grasp towards the sky.

Sydney Honeycutt

Callen never expected Daisy to be so fond of him as he attempted to help his cat. Now that he understands there is a ritual to follow when he enters the house, he waits for him in a piece of furniture next to the door every time he comes home.

Sydney Honeycutt

She tells her father how much she enjoyed it. Sydney can only think with endless affection about the relationship between her lover and her cat De Ella in the face of her amusing and adorable routine. She said this in regards to:

“Daisy sits in our chair closest to the entrance every time Callen gets home for him to say hello and give her a stretch. Callen or I will always say, “Oooooh, fantastic stretch.” Daisy is enthusiastic about it! Every time Callen enters the room, she expects it.”

Sydney Honeycutt

The kitten’s mother made the decision to post the entertaining and charming video in a Facebook group after witnessing the adorable routine of the two creatures she loves the most. The message says:

“Every day, my boyfriend’s kooky lady Daisy waits for him to get home so she can “give him a stretch,” as he puts it HAHAHA. Obviously, she adores this routine.

Sydney Honeycutt

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